The Tehama Block

Northwest corner of Front and J Streets

Built 1851


Buildings constructed at the corner of Front and J Streets needed strength to survive. In December 1849, high winds destroyed the first structure built there. Owners immediately constructed a new building. It survived the flood of 1850, but lasted only until 1851. Owners built a new brick building by August of that same year. This turned out to be smart planning. The 2-story brick structure survived the 1852 fire.

It is no wonder that owners wanted a stable building at the corner of the Tehama Block. This was prime real estate in Gold Rush California. At that time, the city’s commercial activity took place at the docks of the embarcadero. The building’s location on Front Street enabled landlords to charge rents as high as $3,600 per month. Numerous businesses operated from this site.

The building here is a reconstruction of the second wood structure that occupied this site from 1850- 1851.